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Global Public Governance: Toward World Government? (2022)

Peace and Security in Indo-Pacific Asia: IR Perspectives in Context (2022)

Human Security Studies: Theories, Methods and Themes (2014)

Peace and Security in the Asia-Pacific: Theory and Practice (2010)

International Democracy Assistance for Peacebuilding: Cambodia and Beyond (2007)

Intervention & Change in Cambodia: Towards Democracy? (2000) (Introduction)

Conflict Neutralization in the Cambodia War: From Battlefield to Ballot-box (Introduction Only) (1997)



Human Security after 25 Years: Some Introductory Remarks and Critical Reflections. Asian

              Journal of Peacebuilding 7:2 (2019): 161–181.

Human Security after 25 Years: Some Introductory Remarks and Critical Reflections (2019)

Human Security in East Asia: Challenges for Collaborative Action (2009)


Human Security After 20 Years (2000)

Cambodia: Change and Continuity in Contemporary Politics (2000)

Cambodia - The 1989 Paris Peace Conference (1991) (With Amitav Acharya, Pierre Lizée)



Peace through Retribution or Reconciliation? Some Insights and Evidence from South-East Asia (2016)


Cambodia - From Isolation to Involvement in Regional Community Building (2016)

Democratization and Human Rights in Southeast Asia (2015)

Party and Party System Institutionalization in Cambodia (2014)

Human Security in Post-Cold War Cambodia (2014)

Mass Atrocities under the Khmer Rouge Reign of Terror (2013)

Chapter 8: The challenge for human rights in Cambodia (Introduction) (2011)

The Challenge for Human Rights in Cambodia (2011)

Re-examining Liberal Peacebuilding in Light of Realism and Pragmatism (2009)

Security Community Building in Asia Pacific (2009)

Regional Security Communities: Theory, Practice, and Future Prospects for East Asia (2008)

Japan, ASEAN and Regional Security: A Southeast Asian Perspective (2007)

Consolidation or Crisis of Democracy? Cambodia's Parliamentary Elections in 2003 and Beyond (2006)

From the Battlefield into the State: Post-UNTAC Political Violence & the Limits of Peacebuilding (2006)

Human Rights Challenges in Post-conflict Cambodia (2006)


Consolidation or Crisis of Democracy? Cambodia's Parliamentary Elections in 2003 & Beyond (2006)

Implementing Cambodia's Peace Agreement: Challenges, Strategies and Outcomes (2002)

The UN, Peacekeeping and Collective Human Security: From An Agenda for Peace to the Brahimi Report


Regional Community Building for Better Global Governance (2002)

Cambodia: After the Killing Fields (2001)

The Neutralization of Protracted Conflicts? The Case of UNTAC (2001)

From Socialism to Liberal Democracy: The Challenge for Cambodia (2001)


(With Kenji Yamada) Cambodia (2000)

The ASEAN Regional Forum: Stabilizing Asia’s Balance-of-Power System (1999)

Cambodia - 1989 Paris Peace Conference (Introduction) (1991)


Why Asia Will Be Unstable But Not At War: Toward A Democratic Realist Perspective. SINERGI: Journal of

          Strategic Studies & International Affairs 3:1 (July 2023): 6-24.

Toward a Security Community in Asia? The Limits of Realism, Developmental Statism, and Constructivism.              International Relations and Diplomacy, 10:1 (2022): 1-24.

Towards Global Human Security Governance? Progress, Problems, and Prospects. Hiroshima Peace Research

          Journal 8 (2021): 71–90.

Why ‘Smart’ Sanctions Still Cause Human Insecurity (2019)

Human Security Through Formal Trials: Some Evidence from Southeast Asia (2017)

Building an Asia-Pacific Peace Community from a Human Security Perspective* (2016)

The Limits and Potential of Liberal Peacebuilding for Human Security (2014)

Why China’s Rise May Not Cause Major Power-Transition War: A Review Essay (2014)

The Limits and Potential of Liberal Democratization in Southeast Asia (2014)

Keeping the Rise of China in Check: A Review Essay (2012)

Withering Realism? A Review of Recent Security Studies on the Asia-Pacific Region Review Article (2002-


Realism and constructivism in Southeast Asian security studies today: a review essay (2002)

Merits in security community studies (2005)

Constructivism in Security Studies on Pacific Asia: Assessing Its Strengths and Weaknesses* (2002)

The Subsidiarity Model of Global Governance in the UN-ASEAN Context (1998)

Diplomatic Pragmatism: ASEAN’s Response to the July 1997 Coup (1998) (p.30 - 35)



Cambodia’s hegemonic-party system: How and why the CPP became dominant (2019)

Cambodia in 2018: A Year of Setbacks and Successes (2019)


Peace through Democracy and Justice? Legacies and Lessons from the Case of Cambodia (2017)

Collaborative Human Security? The UN and Other Actors in Cambodia (2005)

Une analyse comparée de l'impact de la crise économique asiatique sur les politiques intérieures : le cas du

       Cambodge (2001)

CAMBODIA IN 1998: From Despair to Hope? (1999)

CAMBODIA IN 1997: Back to Square One? (1998)

HUN SEN's PRE-EMPTIVE COUP: Causes and Consequences (1998)

The Cambodian Elections of 1998 and Beyond: Democracy in the Making? (1998)

Cambodia's Post-Cold War Dilemma: Democratization, Armed Conflict, and Authoritarianism (1997)

A Further Look at UNTAC's Performance and Dilemmas: A Review Article (1995)

Why Cambodia's peace plan won't work (1990)


​Hun Sen’s Power Paradox (2018)

Cambodia’s Politics of Survival threatens democracy​ (2017)

No Retirement Plans for Hun Sen (2017)

Cambodia: Toward Single-Party Dictatorship? (2017)

How solid are ASEAN’s democracies? (2016)

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