Book Chapters

Peace through Retribution or Reconciliation? Some Insights and Evidence from South-East Asia (2016)


Cambodia - From Isolation to Involvement in Regional Community Building (2016)

Democratization and Human Rights in Southeast Asia (2015)

Party and Party System Institutionalization in Cambodia (2014)

Human Security in Post-Cold War Cambodia (2014)

Mass Atrocities under the Khmer Rouge Reign of Terror (2013)

Chapter 8: The challenge for human rights in Cambodia (Introduction) (2011)

The Challenge for Human Rights in Cambodia (2011)

Re-examining Liberal Peacebuilding in Light of Realism and Pragmatism (2009)

Security Community Building in Asia Pacific (2009)

Regional Security Communities: Theory, Practice, and Future Prospects for East Asia (2008)

Japan, ASEAN and Regional Security: A Southeast Asian Perspective (2007)

Consolidation or Crisis of Democracy? Cambodia's Parliamentary Elections in 2003 and Beyond (2006)

From the Battlefield into the State: Post-UNTAC Political Violence & the Limits of Peacebuilding (2006)

Human Rights Challenges in Postconflict Cambodia (2006)


Consolidation or Crisis of Democracy? Cambodia's Parliamentary Elections in 2003 & Beyond (2006)

Implementing Cambodia's Peace Agreement: Challenges, Strategies and Outcomes (2002)

The UN, Peacekeeping and Collective Human Security: From An Agenda for Peace to the Brahimi Report (2002)

Regional Community Building for Better Global Governance (2002)

Cambodia: After the Killing Fields (2001)

The Neutralization of Protracted Conflicts? The Case of UNTAC (2001)

From Socialism to Liberal Democracy: The Challenge for Cambodia (2001)


(With Kenji Yamada) Cambodia (2000)

The ASEAN Regional Forum: Stabilizing Asia’s Balance-of-Power System (1999)

Cambodia - 1989 Paris Peace Conference (Introduction) (1991)

Sorpong Peou - 2021

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