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Thought of the Week

Thought of the Week: August 2021

Is Socialism the Best Way to a Peaceful World?

Week August 2-8

Socialism vs. Capitalism: Debate Between Professors Richard D. Wolff

& Arthur C. Brooks (1:38:44)


Week August 8-15

The Soviet Union and China: Socialist Brothers in Arms or at War?

The End Of The Sino-Soviet Friendship (43:23 mns.)


Week August 16-22

Vietnam and Cambodia: Socialist Brothers in Arms or at War?

The Third Indochina War


Week August 23-29

China and Vietnam: Socialist Brothers in Arms or at War?

CHINA vs. VIETNAM: the New Race of the Century

China vs. Vietnam, 1979: Dr. Xiaoming Zhang


(For Recent Thoughts of the Week, see below)

Thought of the Week, July 2021

Will China rule the world in the 21st century?

(Week July 4-10)

What Happens When China Becomes Number One? Kishore Mahbubani

(Week July 11-17)

The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy | Kishore Mahbubani

(Week July 18-24)

Has China Won? | Kishore Mahbubani | John Mearsheimer | Tom Switzer

(Week July 25-31)

America Abroad: The United States’ Global Role in the 21st Century:

William Wohlforth

Thought of the Week: June 2021

China's Rise: Peaceful or Unpeaceful?

(June 21-30)

China debate: John Mearsheimer vs. Hugh White


(June 14-20)

A Realist Perspective: China’s Unpeaceful Rise: By John Mearsheimer | Tom Switzer


(June 7-13)

A Liberal Perspective: The Thucydides Trap: Graham Alison


(June 1-6)

A Cultural Pluralist Perspective: What Happens When China Becomes Number One? By Kishore Mahbubani


Thought of the Week: May 2021

(May 24-30)

Can science make sense of everything?

Atheist and Monotheist Answers

Well, you might change your mind!

The God Delusion Debate: Between two world-renowned scientists

(May 17-23)

Do modern comforts make people happy?

Are We Trading Our Happiness for Modern Comforts? As society gets richer, people chase the wrong things. By Arthur C. Brooks (2020).

(May 10-16)

Is science the only way to truth and happiness?

Critics of the Enlightenment vision have a point. I am not a postmodernist, but postmodernism offers some insight but with a dead end. Link:

My forthcoming book on Peace and Security in Indo-Pacific Asia: IR Perspectives in Context offers a modest critique of postmodernist perspectives.


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